Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane

If you would like to have your solar panel cleaned now, Crystal Clear Solar is always within your reach. Contact us now and enjoy professional solar panel cleaning services in Brisbane.

Our Services

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

We specialize in professional chemical free solar panel cleaning in residential, commercial and rural areas

Solar Hot Water Cleaning

We can also provide a reduced cost (already onsite) Solar Hot Water Cleaning.



We can include an inspection with our regular cleaning services to check 17 different areas of possible concern

Thermal Imaging

Crystal Clear Solar offers Thermal Imaging inspections to check your panels for any damaged cells that may develop into larger issues!

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We are the experts in South East Queensland at cleaning commercial systems of any size!

Bird Proofing

We can bird proof your solar panels. We even offer a free solar panel cleaning with the installation of our bird proofing products!

Welcome to Crystal Clear Solar

Dirty solar panels can negatively impact your solar system performance and yearly rainfall is simply not enough to wash away pollen, mold and stubborn dirt that builds up over the months.


At Crystal Clear Solar we offer professional solar cleaning services to help keep your solar panels in top working condition. We use de-ionization equipment to make sure that all dissolved solids are removed without leaving streaks or spots.  


Solar panel manufacturers recommend that panels be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure that they are both running and producing at full capacity. Not looking after your panels can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Making use of a professional solar cleaning service will help to improve your energy output, which in turn increases the amount of money you can save on your electricity bill.




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