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If you would like to clean your solar panel now, Crystal Clear Solar is always within your reach. Contact us now and enjoy professional solar panel cleaning services in Brisbane.

About Our Company 

Having offered solar panel cleaning services for many years, Crystal Clear Solar is an industry-leader.  Crystal Clear Solar is the best solar cleaning service in the Brisbane suburbs and most of South East Queensland. We take pride in our consistency in providing the most effective services that can improve the efficiency of everyone’s solar panels in Brisbane. The most important thing that we are concerned about is your solar system working to its maximum capacity!

With the aid of our first-rate solar panel cleaning equipment, experience, and professionalism, our customers are bound to enjoy unrivalled solar panel cleaning services. When cleaning rooftop solar panel, our major goal is to get rid of dirt, bird dropping, dust, lichen, grime, and other pollutants that may reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

To ensure we provide the best services, we frequently upgrade our skills, team, equipment, and knowledge. From cleaning solar panel with hard water to other services, our professional solar panel cleaners are always set to offer you unsurpassed service. Give us a chance to take care of your solar panels!  You will experience the difference between our services and those of other solar panel cleaning companies in Australia.

If you would like to have your solar panel cleaned now, Crystal Clear Solar is always within your reach. Contact us now and enjoy professional solar panel cleaning services in Brisbane.

Why Choose Crystal Clear Solar For Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Brisbane

  • Our solar panel cleaning services are affordable, flexible and professional
  • You will experience great savings when you regularly have your solar panels cleaned. On average, an Australian home spends as much as $60,000 on electricity over a 25 year period. Solar power helps to reduce or even eliminate this bill and maintaining your system ensures that it is always at full working capacity.
  • We offer a comprehensive service from sight inspection to thorough, chemical-free and environmentally friendly solar cleaning services as well as inspecting your panels for wear and tear, mould and other grime-related elements.
  • We use the latest cutting-edge technology so that your solar power systems continue to operate efficiently.

Why Choose Crystal Clear Solar for your Solar Cleaning Services?

  • Our cost effective services help you save money in the long-run by keeping your solar panels running at peak performance
  • Cleaning your solar panels professionally helps to conserve your valuable investment
  • Regular solar panel cleaning services will help to keep manufacturer and installation warranties valid
  • Clean solar panels mean efficient solar panels
  • Crystal Clear Solar uses state of the art cleaning equipment and technology
  • Safety
  • Peace of mind

Additional Benefits for Protecting Your Solar Panels with Professional Solar Cleaning Services and Our Promises to You:

  • Use gutter guards to protect your gutters from being scratched
  • Make mandatory use of fall restraint equipment when working on two or more story properties
  • Always ensure our workers are accredited for “safe working at heights”
  • Ensure that all our staff are trained in first aid
  • Use state of the art water de-ionization equipment that uses no more than one litre or water per solar panel
  • No use of chemicals to clean solar panels
  • Insured for 10,000,000 Australian Dollars


Contact us today for a free solar panel cleaning service quote or more information from our friendly staff. We’re happy to make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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