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Dirty solar panels can negatively impact your solar system performance and yearly rainfall is simply not enough to wash away pollen, mold and stubborn dirt that builds up over the months.

At Crystal Clear Solar we offer professional solar cleaning services to help keep your solar panels in top working condition. We use de-Ionization equipment to make sure that all dissolved solids are removed without leaving streaks or spots.

Solar panel manufacturers recommend that panels are inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure that they are both running and producing at full capacity. Not looking after your panels can result in a void manufacturer’s warranty. Making use of a professional solar cleaning service will help to improve your energy output which in turn increases the amount of money you can save on your electricity bill.
Is Your Roof Difficult to Reach?
Do You Not Have a Long Enough Ladder?
Are You Scared of Heights?
Don’t Have the Time To Clean Your Solar Panels?

Crystal Clear Solar cleaning service in Brisbane can help.

  • Don’t Wait for Rain Water to Clean Your Solar Panels because it wont work!
    Take a look at your car windscreen. If you’ve neglected to clean your windscreen for months, chances are visibility is limited, right?

    If you continue to leave the windscreen unwashed grime will accumulate over time. Even if you leave the car out during the rain, airborne dust particles will settle and attach to the surface once the water evaporates.

    When you then use your windscreen wipers, the center of the screen will be cleaned but the wipers fail to reach the entire windscreen and a film of dirt is left behind.

    Solar panels are the same when it comes to that film of dirt after the rain. It is vital that the light getting into the solar panels is maximized which will in turn increase your savings and financial rewards.

  • Why You Should Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned Regularly
    Solar panels are a big investment and you don’t want to leave them in the hands of inexperienced cleaners. We use a special filtration system that works to remove impurities from your panels which is both environmentally-friendly and economical.

What We Offer

Chemical-free cleaning that is 100% environmentally friendly

    • Competitive rates
    • Friendly, professional service
    • A fully insured team who are accredited to work at heights
    • A visual inspection of your solar system every time we clean it. We will check the condition of the panels, mounts and frames

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