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Regular inspections of solar systems is important to insure all is good with your systems and there are not little issues that may grow to become major issues in the future!

Before and After inverter readings!

When Crystal Clear Solar perform a system inspection during a clean, we always start off with an inverter reading before the clean.  This pre inverter clean not only will quickly let us know if there is any pre existing fault with your inverter but will also show our customers the benefits of cleaning by comparing this initial reading with the inverter reading after the clean!  We all want to see our systems increase anywhere from 5-30% depending on the level and type of soiling!  One thing that makes Crystal Clear Solar stand out form other cleaners is that we quantify the reading with LUX reading that let us know the intensity of the light during both readings!  As you can imagine, since solar panels need light to produce electricity, if it clouds over at the end of the clean, the LUX reading will show this and justify why there is not an increase in production after the work is done.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Crystal Clear Solar has been the only professional solar panel cleaning company in Brisbane that has offered our residential customers “free” thermal imaging inspections as part of our Pre-Clean inspections for 5 years!  Why not take advantage of this service and know if your system has any solar cells that may be struggling due to shading or micro cracks turning some of your electricity production to “hot spots” instead of only efficient electricity. 

16 Point Visual Inspections!

The last inspection prior to our cleaning is our 16 point visual inspection of your system!  Many of customers are surprised of the issues we find with their systems.  Would you believe we have even found broken panels on single level homes that were not evident from the ground!

Our 16 point inspections include inspections of:

 -Panel Glass

-Panel Frames

-Panel Cells

-Panel Clips


-Mounting Rails

-Rail Legs

-Isolator Switches

-Isolator Switch Cover

-DC Wires

-Silicone Seals

-Evidence of Animals

-Inverter Housing

-Inverter Isolator

-Shading Issues

-Any Other Issues



Once complete, we will email our customers our written multi page report for their records.

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