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Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services:

Every homeowner with solar panels needs yearly professional residential solar panel cleaning!


Have you noticed that your solar panel is not working efficiently?


Is your solar system covered in dirt or dust?


Residential solar panel cleaning is always the last thing on a user’s mind after solar panel system installation. However, not maintaining the system could lead to inefficiency in it performance after a period of time. It is important to keep the solar system’s performance at its top and maintain peak energy efficiency. In fact, depending on what is on your system, a solar clean can increase your efficiency from 5-30%!  You need a professional solar panel cleaning service in Brisbane to help clean and maintain your system. This is what we specialize in at Crystal Clear Solar.

We have many years of experience in solar cleaning business and leverage on our expertise to offer the best cleaning services. Our professional solar panel cleaners are always available and dedicated to providing high-quality services. We include inspections for cracks, scratches or ageing and failing seals.  Crystal Clear Solar have always used only professional cleaning methods that are approved globally by industry leaders and solar manufacturers to insure your solar panels are always protected along with your warranty!


The benefit of Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service:

Crystal Clear Solar ensure residential and commercial solar panel system operate at peak performance.

Ensures your solar energy system generates more electricity; increasing by 5-30%!

Guaranteed financial savings- More solar power generated means lower energy bills from your utility provider.

Safeguard you from Risk – Crystal Clear Solar takes the risk of being on the roof and save you from potential injuries that may occur if you try to DIY

Prevent Panel System Damages- We uses the finest quality solar panel cleaning equipment for cleaning to prevent and reduce the risk of scratches or cracks.


  • When you have your solar system properly cleaned, maintained and always in good condition, you are helping your system run efficiently and protecting your investment.  We have installed our solar systems to help the environment and save money on energy use.  There is no benefit to installing a solar system then forgetting about it as a Crystal Clear Solar residential solar panel cleaning not only gets your system efficient but also gives you piece of mind with our 16 point visual inspection!



    Our solar panel cleaning service is affordable. Let us take care of your solar system for you and keep you safe and secure on the ground!


Crystal Clear solar has been chosen to clean some of the largest solar systems in South East Queensland.

If we can be trusted to clean solar panels for The City of Brisbane, University of Queensland and Energex you know we can be trusted by you too!


We certainly have the equipment and the knowledge to get the job done right! 

Give us a call to clean and inspect your solar system too!


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