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As the temperature rises, solar panels become less efficient. This means the solar panels are producing less electricity! Some of these heating defects can cause the solar cells to break down. More serious heating issues can produce a reverse current, which might damage the entire solar system. Thermal imaging is the solution to find these problems!

Thermal imaging cameras are used by Crystal Clear Solar during our inspections. They can detect hot spots in the panels from a distance, which makes it a lot easier to find defects before they become devastating breakdowns. “This inspection method is non-destructive and non-invasive. You can use thermal imaging to inspect the solar panels under load, so no shutdown is required. When used properly, thermal imaging cameras will show accurate temperature differences between cells. This allows you to identify faults at an early stage.”

Inspect the entire system!

These inspections are not limited to the solar panels alone.
Thermal imaging can be used to inspect the entire system! This can include the solar panels themselves to connections, inverters, fuses and all other electrical components in the system.
Heat is created if any part of the systems starts to wear down or develops a higher resistance. The corresponding increase in temperature can be detected very easily with a thermal imaging camera. This allows you to fix the problem before the system fails.

Our Thermal Inspection Service

Presently, Thermal Imaging of the panel surface is only included in our regular visual maintenance inspection and cleaning for residential homes.

This service is also available as a standalone service for both residential and commercial customers. If you are not ready for a solar panel cleaning but are concerned that there may be an issue with your solar panels, Crystal Clear Solar and come and do only a Thermal Imaging health check on your solar system to let you know if there are “hot spot” problems!

Written Reports

Our reports will include photos of both actual colour photos after Thermal Imaging views or your solar panels, including the spot temperature of multiple areas of the potentially damaged solar panel that can then be used as possible warranty information for your solar panel installer.

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